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Products and Service
A. Hardware & Building Materials
  • Safety tools: safety helmet, safety belt, full body harness, safety boot, gloves, masks, and etc.
  • Air tools: angel grinder, die grinder, cup brush, baby wire brush, cutting & grinding disc
  • Paints: emulsion, gloss finish, road line paint, marine coating, protective coating, undercoat, floor paint, wall sealer, aluminum paint, car paint, red/black oxide paint. Brand: Berger, Nippon, Jotun, Kangaroo, ICI.
  • Tools and Machines: Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Skil, Fengli, Hitachi, and LG (Brand); grinding machine, impact drill & screw driver, demolition hammer, drill, recipro saw & cutter, finishing sander & polisher and etc.
  • Cement: Blue Lion, Orang Kuat, Horse, Seladang, House (Brand)
  • Timber: Tanalised Timber, MLHW Plank, Cengal Plank, Kayu Kapor, Kayu Keruing, Kayu Kempas.
  • Granite Material: aggregate, crusher run, quarry dust, hardcore, ready mix concrete
  • Steel bars: High tensile deformed bar, mild steel round bar, commercial quality (CQ) angle iron, flat bar, I-Beam and etc.
  • Brick & block: red brick, sand brick, hollow brick, PC drain, road kerb, half round drain, bend kerb hole, thermblock, and etc.
  • Pipe: Galvanised pipe, PVC pipe, U PVC pipe, poly pipe, black pipe, and etc.
  • Mesh: BRC mesh, welding mesh, wire netting, G. I fencing, PVC fencing
  • Plywood: BBCC water proof, B2, BC hardboard, soft board, white board
  • Bolt & Nut: M.S B/Nut, H. T. B/Nut, S/S Nut
  • Nail screw: Common nail, zinc nail, concrete nail, wood screw, aluminum screw, furniture nail, self tapping screw.
  • Roof & Corrugated sheets: Adrex, Malex, Soonlex, Humlex, ceiling, roofing sheet, and etc
  • Tile: Guocera, White house, Niro, Alpha, and etc.(Brand)
  • Gas: Oxygen & Acetylene and etc.

B.Welding Products

  • MMA, TIG, MIG, Plasma Cutting, Regulator, Cutting Machine, Cutting torch, Welding Electrode, and etc.

C. Industrial Diesel, Kerosene & Fuel Oil, Lubricants and etc.

  • Esso, Shell, Petronas, BP, ExxonMobil, Caltex, Castrol, Mobil, Duckhams, Caltex Engine Oil, Compressor Oil, Industrial Gear Oil, Metal Cutting Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and etc.

D. Civil Engineering & Construction

  • Factory construction
  • Shop lot construction
  • - Office tower/ building
  • Residential

E. Automation

  • Factory automation (magazine loader and unloader, linking conveyor, lift-gate, and etc.)
  • Warehouse automation
  • Standard & custom design rotary indexing M/C
  • Robotic soldering & auto soldering equipment
  • RFID products & inventory/ tracking software
  • PCBA standard conveyor system
  • ESS tunneling system/Burn-in oven/Special purpose oven
  • Jig & fixture design
  • Precision Machining

F. IT, Security Solution & Service

  • CCTV Carmera, IP Network camera, DVR standalone recorder, PC based CCTV server, CCTV installation with professional cabling and wiring, remote access (viewable on internet), and etc.
  • Alarm equipment (panel, magnetic/vibration sensor siren box, PIR sensor, and photo beam), and alarm system wiring and cabling.
  • Door access & Biometric fingerprint system: enable to control the gate open and close to indentify visitors before they come, as well as, storing the records of the employees’ attendance.
  • PABX Key phone system: enable to make internal calls, access to the public switched telephone network, allow a small number of outside lines shared among employees, provide auto-attendant, voice mails, and automatic call distribution (ACD) service.
  • Copy machine: Supply copy machines and the repairing service.
  • IT networking & Troubleshooting: networking cabling and wiring, broadband registration, and etc.
  • Pos system & Customized Software (e.g. points of sales system for billing and stock control.)

G. Online store

  • E commerce

H. Project investment

  • Shop lots
  • Swiftlet house
  • Birdnest sales
  • E commerce

I. Skilled Manpower Supply

  • Nippon Express

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